Zach Houghton is the son of a travel-writing father and a wanderlust mother who met on a bus in Guatemala. He is the founder of Passion Passport, a firm that provides inspirational and purpose-driven travel storytelling, develops photo and video content, and designs experiential campaigns for brands and tourism boards. In his work at Passion Passport, Zach has developed full-scale creative campaigns with brands such as UnitedAmtrakAdobeExpedia, and Hyatt

In his first career, Zach worked as a commodities trader in Hong Kong. During this time, he explored different parts of Australasia while managing key relationships with clients in the metals industry. He oversaw his firm's operations in Taiwan, India, and regions of mainland China.

Zach attended Columbia University and received a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a specialization in foreign languages. During his time at Columbia, he was also captain of the swim team. Over the course of his career, he competed at the Canadian Olympic Trials in swimming on three separate occasions.

In his years of travels, Zach has always sought to immerse himself through one of the five languages he speaks. His photography has been featured in international publications and media.

For more information on Zach's work, or to just say hello, get in touch.


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